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Big Bend Ready to Use disinfectants are intended to be used as tools to help slow down the spread of microbial contamination by providing a state-of-the-art reinvention of a proven chemistry!

Big Bend offers a safe version of the same chemistries in many industrial applications including hospital sterilization, paper mill process treatments, municipal drinking water, industrial fruit and vegetable production and sanitation in food processing facilities as well as treatment of sewage and wastewater. In the pure form there is no known microbial organism that is resistant at a level that is considered unsafe for humans in the same time exposure and exposure level. 

In other words, it kills the microbes without having to be at a level that is known to have any detrimental effects on human health.

Application Methods for Big Bend Disinfectants

The goal is to lightly wet the surface of whatever is to be treated. In an ideal situation you would allow the product to dry.

You may use:

- Traditional type pumps up or pressurized sprayers
- Spray bottles
- Handheld misters
- Backpack sprayers
- Electrostatic Sprayers

In most cases it's best to allow the product to dry on the treated surfaces. In the case of surfaces such as doorknobs and other frequently touched items, be certain to wet thoroughly.
Or in the case of aerosol applications, foggers can be use to efficiently deliver airborne material if necessary.