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Think of TwinOxide RTU Solution when it comes to Your Green Cleaning Goals

For decades, businesses across all industries have sought ways to conserve natural resources such as paper, water, and energy to save the environment and to improve their bottom lines. In just a few short months of overzealous cleaning, the conservation gains that these companies made have dwindled. The chemical disinfectants that most businesses use require users to wipe down surfaces with either a paper towel or a reusable cloth that must be washed and dried. Both of these items represent a waste of resources when fighting a war against a broad host of pathogens. The solution to safe, effective disinfection that’s also easy on the environment is found in TwinOxide. 

No-Wipe Disinfectants

After a thorough cleaning to remove visible dirt on surfaces, health agencies advise businesses to disinfect high-touch areas. Disinfection gets rid of bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that make people sick. It’s during the disinfection process that your company has the opportunity to meet and exceed its green cleaning goals. 

TwinOxide RTU by Big Bend Water Technologies uses chlorine dioxide as the active ingredient. Chlorine dioxide has been proven to offer control of a wide range of pathogens without harming people.  

The makers of most EPA-approved spray disinfectants instruct users to leave the products on surfaces for up to 10 minutes and then to wipe those surfaces down to kill microscopic pests such as bacteria and virus particles. TwinOxide’s application method eliminates the use of paper or cloth towels and cuts disinfecting time and effort in half by allowing users to spray the product and walk away.   

Electrostatic Spray and Fogger Systems

TwinOxide is the obvious choice for businesses that need to efficiently fight the war on pathogens that take up their place on common area surfaces while eliminating paper waste. 

TwinOxide is also made for use in misters and fogger systems that deliver an aerosolized version of the cleaning solution into the air. Airlines use electrostatic spray systems to sanitize air and surfaces in airplane cabins between flights. These handheld sprayers introduce an electrical charge to the disinfectant and emit the product as a mist. The electrically charged spray is attracted to surfaces and coats them for a deep cleaning session that includes the air and furnishings in a room. 

Fogging systems operate similarly to electrostatic misters, but they don’t produce electrically charged disinfectant. Top-of-the-line foggers emit mist at distances of nearly 40 feet, which makes these systems great for disinfecting large spaces. 

TwinOxide can be applied with both spray and fogger systems to allow a full coverage of hard to reach surfaces without the waste and effort associated with paper towel or cloth clean up of the product after application.

Final Thoughts 

Corporate sustainability managers base their strategies on the reduce, reuse, and recycle principle. In the age of Green-Awareness reusing paper towels presents an unnecessary waste issue. The use of TwinOxide RTU Spray is a practical solution is to disinfection while at the same time reducing the use of paper products, water, and energy with smart sanitation systems that are backed by science and endorsed by the healthcare community.